Saturday, June 11, 2011

Name that... character (a.k.a. my babies!)

Warning: If you don't want to see an aspiring author completely dork out, I suggest you look away. It won't be pretty. 

So after much procrastinating, musing, pondering, whining, self doubting and overthinking... I've actually started writing this book. *GULP* I get all flibberty and scared when I call it a book. Maybe I'll just call it 'the project'? Or 'that stomach churning endeavor'? 

Because really, what's in a name? 

Apparently, a lot. 

On a whim, I opened a doc this week and threw some words in there (512 to be exact). One small step for normal people, one giant, flying, flailing leap for me. And among those 512 words, there were two that turned out to be significant. 


These people that have hid and played peek-a-boo inside my head for months have names. And the simple act of naming them has made them real. 

They're people now. They're my babies. They're my imaginary friends and they like to TALK and they told me their plot and they refused to be quiet. I'm not complaining, I assure you, but I just didn't KNOW that by giving them this one little thing, this seemingly inconsequential part of them, that I would bring them to life. 

It was awesome. 

Also, and most people with kids will understand this, the fact that I didn't have to have any discussions or negotiations over these names, was also very awesome. There was no 'that was my creepy uncle's name' or 'we can't use that, it rhymes with our last name and the kid will get ridiculed'. It was just me. And them. 

I repeat, it was awesome. So totally awesome. (Refer to dork warning now). 

So now that they have names, it's time to give them voices. It's time to let them live this story that they are meant to have. It's time to write this... book. 


<3 Bec

End Note: They are currently asking for coffee, and one of them wants a bowl of Cheerios and a trip to the library. Darn kids. Hee.